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The European Multisystem Atrophy Study Group
was founded in January 1999 (organigram). It represents a consortium of scientific investigators from academic and research centres in Europe and Israel who are committed to clinical trial activity and other research studies aimed at improving the treatment of MSA (the first 10 years). To this end, EMSA-SG aims to advance knowledge about the aetiology and pathogenesis of MSA. Furthermore, EMSA-SG will work with government and industry sponsors to develop and implement novel therapeutic interventions in MSA. EMSA-SG is committed to the principles of open and full scientific communication. EMSA-SG is also interested in educating professionals and the public by providing scientific and medical information about MSA. EMSA-SG intends to pursue these objectives globally in close cooperation with the North American MSA Study Group (NAMSA-SG, Coordinating Office: Rochester, Minnesota, USA), the Japanese MSA Study Group (JAMSA-SG, Coordinating Office: Tokyo) and the Chinese MSA Study Group (CNMSA-SG, Coordinating Office: Beijing).





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